Misty Anderson Lesbian Licks

Misty Anderson and her lesbian girlfriend Tisha start out sunbathing at the pool. Laying in their bikinis in the warm sun makes them relax. The privacy afforded by the private pool makes Misty bold, and she runs her finger down Tisha’s arm. She leans over and kisses Tisha, slipping her tongue into her mouth, slick and naughty. She massages Tisha’s breast through her bikini top, then slips it out to tweak her nipple. Aroused, and ready to make the next move, Misty strips her swimsuit off as well as Tisha’s, then encourages her to bend over with her ass in the air. She bites her buttocks, running her hands over her thighs and butt before penetrating her with one, then two fingers. Tisha is moaning, and Misty is getting even more turned on.

Misty sticks her face into Tisha’s crack, her nose pressed firmly against the little pucker of her butthole, and licks her labia. Tisha writhes and begs, and Misty slips her tongue up to tease Tisha’s a-hole. Tisha has had enough. She forces Misty around in the same position, then lashes her pussy lips and butthole with her tongue. She slaps Misty’s ass several times, leaving bright red marks on Misty’s flawless skin. When Misty turns over and spreads her legs, she pleads with Tisha to finish her off. Tisha zooms in right on that clit, sucking it and pulling at it with her lips while fingering Misty. Finally, orgasm!

Misty Anderson Pic_Misty Anderson Pic_Misty Anderson Pic
Misty Anderson Pic_Misty Anderson Pic

Misty Anderson Dirty Workout

Misty Anderson starts out fully clothed during this workout, but that doesn’t last very long.  Before you know it, she’s pulling off that sweaty sportsbra and tugging down those spandex shorts.  Watching her muscular shoulders and triceps flex is always a pleasure, and it does seem to take a little effort to wiggle out of her sweaty workout clothes.  Who would’ve guessed she was wearing a skimpy little black thong under those shorty shorts?  Um, well, me for one.  She flips that g-string off before you know it, and slings it across the room.

What’s that I see, a fancy little dildo/vibrator? Misty loves masturbating for us almost as much as I like watching her do it to herself. It’s not unusual for her to cum 4 or 5 times on those world-famous Misty Anderson webcam sessions. She has the sweetest voice when she orgasms. What I like best about this set though, is when she turns around and gets on all fours on that workout bench. That muscular, tight ass is stuck right up in the air, and when she grinds one out, moaning and groaning, her bunghole clenches and unclenches as she rides those orgasmic waves.

Misty Anderson PicMisty Anderson Pic

more Misty Anderson Dirty Workout

Misty Anderson Masturbates in the Pool

Misty Anderson recently went on vacation. Being a bikini, beach, sand, and sunshine kind of girl, she naturally headed for the coast. She and her friends rented a phenomenal house that had chrome, leather, and plasma TV’s all over the place. And you know Misty, it wasn’t long before the cameras came out and the nudity turned on!

She and some of her girlfriends worked out in a well-equipped weight room but they ended up naked and sweating on each other. Not long after, Misty went skinny-dipping in the pool. She was so aroused she ended up grinding on one of the water jets and thing fingering. She rubbed one off to a plethora of moans and groans.

They swam, they surfed, they sucked and shopped. Did I say sucked? You are going to have to check this stuff out for yourself. Misty basically gives her fans 100% access to her life, no matter how private and personal the activity.

Misty Anderson Pool Pic_Misty Anderson Pool Pic_Misty Anderson Pool Pic
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Misty Anderson Lesbian Wrestling

In our dirty minds, it starts out with some innocent pillow fighting and ends up with squeals of delight as labia get licked. It’s not quite like that with Misty’s latest lesbian romp, but damn it sho is fine.

Misty starts out dressed in a white sports bra and a very short pair of spandex shorts. The shorts are so short her ass cheeks are pretty much hanging out of them. The white top makes a great contrast against her perfect tanned skin. Despite being squashed down by the compression of the bra, he boobs look huge. Her opponent is a blue-eyed blonde, muscular, athletic, an imposing opponent. They are on a wrestling matt in what looks like a high school gymnasium.

Once they come together, there are headlocks, lots of feminine grunts and shrieks, and some bulging muscles. Talk about erotic views, asses up in the air, tops getting ripped off, asses getting smacked. At one point, somebody gets a really serious wedgie.

Misty Anderson Ass Pic
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Misty Anderson High Definition Sound

I got a new pair of high dollar headphones for my computer, and Misty Anderson has never sounded so good.

In her latest update, she masturbates with a vibrator until she climaxes. Then she sucks her juices off the toy and traipses off to the bathroom to shower. Nice video, trust me.

My headphones very clearly project the hum of her vibrator. I hear the rustle of her glowing skin against the soft velour chair. With her mouth closed, she moans quietly and it is like she is right beside me. Or underneath me. As she gets more excited, she thrusts the vibrator in and out, occasionally pulling it out to tease her clit. I hear the wet sounds her tight vagina makes as she plunders it.

Misty Anderson Pic
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Misty Anderson Perfect Bunghole

They say if you’ve got it flaunt it, and in my personal opinion that applies to perfect bungholes too. Misty Anderson is sort of known for her fantastic a-hole. Not a blemish anywhere near that thing, she knows it, she flaunts it.

She tends to play with it to. Misty readily admits her butt is a source of pleasure to her. Lots of little nerve endings there, so that’s easily explained. In some of the webcam and chat sessions on her website, she tells her fans she isn’t exactly obsessed, but she likes it when her “friends” play with her ass. Yes, she’s done anal before (another little tidbit evident in the videos on her site). Her butt is very muscular from all her exercise activities, and her legs are heavenly.

Misty Anderson Pic

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Misty Cums Outdoors – Video

Some women are sensual and sexual, but seem to have a hard time having an orgasm. Doctors and sex experts tend to recommend these women “practice” on themselves to learn just what their body wants and needs for climax. Misty Anderson doesn’t seem to have this problem. Maybe she was born, as many girls are, with the ability to easily orgasm. Lol, or maybe she has just practiced a lot!

I love watching her masturbate. It’s cool checking out all the hi-rez pics on her site, but it’s the videos I enjoy more. I like hearing her soft voice as she nears the peak. Sometimes she moans, sometimes she shouts. I guess what I’m saying is it’s not just the visual, it’s also being able to hear her that gets me off. Might make me sound like a wierdo, but it’s great seeing her dressed too. As is the case with her latest pic/video set, sometimes she starts out in the mall or outdoors or whatever, and by the end of the set she has stripped her clothes off and is doing something nasty.

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Misty Anderson Cums Home Alone

To my delight, some of Misty’s hottest material is stuff she shoots herself when she is home alone and feeling horny. She has some simple but powerful equipment that allows her to shoot high-resolution photos and HD video in and around her home with nobody else needed. Maybe the lighting isn’t perfect, or her make-up or hair is less than fantastic, but wow it knocks my socks off when she gets turned on and just decides to present members of her website with the gift of her pleasure.

It may be a quick 5-minute episode. One such example is when she got home from shopping – she had been trying on a bunch of bikinis and maybe getting nude in the dressing room and stimulated her imagination. She flipped on the camera, bent over the vanity in the bathroom, and used the vibrator through her panties to rub a quick orgasm off.

Misty Anderson Blue Pic 1
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Misty Anderson Video – Masturbating in the Shower

When it comes to a naked, slippery, soapy Misty Anderson in the shower, count me in. And I mean for any activity, regardless of how menial. Need me to hang a new bathtub curtain? No problem. Scrub soap scum, fetch shampoo, clean hair out of the drain? Okay. Hopefully I can also either watch or assist her in shaving that perfect little kitty while I’m at it.

For Misty to post a video of her masturbating in the shower is just downright mean. Her body is amazing, especially when she is glistening, wet, and squeaky clean. Imagine taking an exotic sports car like a Porsche 911 Turbo, buffing the paint until it’s flawless, and then dropping it into the perfect setting for a photoshoot and video. That’s pretty much what Misty did here.

She starts out just spraying off, then she shampoos her hair. She takes one of those poofy net balls, soaks it in shower gel, and starts scrubbing herself. Trust me when I tell you she gets her asscrack nice and clean. We all know she sort of has an ass fetish, so put that girl in the shower with some soap and you know she’s going to get some anal play going.

Misty Anderson Pic

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Misty Anderson Strap-On Sex

Misty Anderson blows all manner of sexual standards right out of the water. She can bench press more than most guys, and I’ve seen her do weighted pull-ups. Horse riding and tennis are her favorite sports. And she screws both guys and gals. That’s right, the most coveted prize of all: she is bisexual.

She openly admits that she prefers guys. But working as a model she meets and befriends lots of pretty ladies. And you know how it is, one thing leads to another, and before you know it somebody’s getting laid. And it’s usually Misty. Sometimes with a strap-on.

Misty Anderson Dildo Pic
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